By Car

 Set your navigation device or internet mapping service of choice to Ctenice (the zamek marked at the top of this map).

If you are coming from Vinor you will see the field on your left hand side before you get to the zamek.

If you are coming from Kbely you will need to go past the main gate of the zamek, following the road to the right. From there we are up the hill 200 meters then up the track another 400 meters. You cannot see the field from the zamek so if you get as far as the zamek gates have faith and head up the hill.


Public Transport

The 185 and 302 buses go straight past the field. For all buses with a number higher than 300 you will need to get on at the front door and show your ticket/pass/opencard to the driver and SMS tickets don't count. The bus stop you need is Ctenice which is a request stop so don't forget to press the bell plenty in advance otherwise the driver gets very grumpy.

From the bus stop you will need to walk around the corner to the right (same direction the bus has just gone) and up the hill to the track on your right. If you miss that stop get off at the next stop Rousinovska (also request stop) and head back the way you came, it is only a couple of hundred meters extra.

The 302 starts at Metro Letnany (red line terminus). Coming up from the platform, in the foyer of the metro station, take the very first staircase on the right and it will put you at the right bus stop for the 302 and other buses to Vinor.

Click here for the full time table from Letnany


The alternative is to catch either the 259, 378 or 375 from Letnany to Vinorsky Hrbitov and then either walk to the field, it is a 8 minute walk (down hill) or catch the 302 in the opposite direction to Ctenice.  

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