Pre-Season preparation. Can you assist?

If you can spare some time in the fresh air during the forthcoming weekends before the start of the season there are a number of jobs that could greatly benefit from some manpower. If you can assist, let us know when you can be there and we can make plans accordingly. Either by e-mail - [email protected] or call/SMS 733311269

Mouse hole busting. The warm winter has left us with some over-active field mice who have been merrily digging networks in the outfield. These need raking out to recover the flat surface that we would prefer so that our cover drives get to the boundary without hindrance. Raking is very good cardiovascular exercise and shoulder strengthening.

The containers. The field is looking forward to welcoming in the coming weeks a pair of porta-cabin type containers courtesy of CMKS which will serve as both storage and a haven from the elements on match days. The ideal location for these for these is currently occupied by the roller and covers sheds which will need moving. This presents a great opportunity for upper body strength training and core conditioning. 

Wicket rolling. The CMKS One-Ton roller will be back in action after its winter rest to give both wickets the full treatment to get the under surface back to its billiard table flatness. Driving the roller does not require a licence or much in the way of vehicle control skills but does provide plenty of low impact cardio.  

Can you sign-write? The field would benefit from any number of signs and notices. 

Calling all carpenters. If you are up for a challenge and an wield a hammer and nails, one of the plans waiting for manpower is to construct score boxes for both fields.

Welders and metal workers. A partially complete project is to build mobile sight screen frames. If you can MIG weld you can accelerate the sight screen project.

Cricket pitches

Kriket Vinor has two full size cricket grounds side by side.

Wickets are artificial using PlayRite carpet on top of a porous rock envelope system.

Boundaries are a maximum of 53 meters square of the wicket.

The ground is maintained every week of the season and if fully prepared by the ground staff before each match.