Vinor field is available for booking for all forms of cricket matches, tournaments and training. A booking can be made with a single e-mail. 

Check availability on the schedule here or fill in the on-line booking below.

To book the field e-mail us at [email protected]

 Please include in your booking any special requests and details such as short or long boundary, black or white stumps and sight screens, non-standard timings, etc.


The field will normally be open from 9am 

Play will normally start at 11 am and close at 6pm.

Two games in a day: If two games are to be played in the day the first game will normally start at 11am and close by 14:50. The second game will start at 16:00 and close by 18:40.

Anyone wishing to make changes to these timings should include details in their booking request.

Deposits and payments

A deposit of 1000Kc per day will be required to confirm reservation.
Payment of the balance by bank transfer should be received by close of play on the last working day before the match; in cash is no later than 10am on the day of play. 
Deposits and payments are to be sent by bank transfer to the Kriket Vinor account :- 2600246417/2010 


The following fees apply for the 2016 season.

The fee is 2200 Kc per wicket per day. This includes all of the preparations listed below but assumes the match organiser arranges clearing up after the event. See clearing up, below. 

Weekday evening bookings are also possible fees will be on a per match basis, price on application. 

Clear up

Match organisers are expected to ensure that the field is left in the same tidy state that they find it at the start of each day. Organisers are responsible for ensuring that at the end of each day of play all stumps, table chairs and other field equipment is returned to storage and all refuse is removed from the field.

If clearing up is not to a satisfactory standard match organisers may be charged for clearing up after the event.



Kriket Vinor will provide the full cricket field including ground preparation, boundary and other markings, covers, wickets and training areas. 



The field will be used for cricket.

The field curator will decide which wicket will be used.

Players may not use spikes when playing on the artificial surface.

Players may not wear football boots or other footwear which may cause undue damage to the playing surface. 

 Poor weather conditions. 

 The curator will survey the field 24 hours prior to the start of play. If in the opinion of the curator the field cannot be made fit for the game the day's play will be cancelled. A full refund of fees will be available in this case.


Bad weather on the day of play.

The on-field umpires will decide if the conditions are suitable for play according to Law 3.8. The curator maintains the right to insist that umpires suspend play under Law 3.8 c if he believes that play will result in undue wear or damage to the playing surface. In the absence of umpires the curator withholds the right to suspend play if it will cause undue damage to the playing surface.

No play due to bad weather.

In the event that no play is achieved in the day Kriket Vinor will refund 50% of fees for that day.  The on-field umpires or the match organiser may agree with the curator to declare the day a wash-out at any time. The umpires or match organiser may insist that the day be declared a wash-out after one third of the scheduled period of play or 2pm which ever is later. 

If any period of play is achieved in the day no refund will be due. 


 Cancellations - Match organiser

A cancellation more than 7 days prior to the start of the day's play will receive a full refund of fees.

A cancellation less than 7 days in advance of the start of the first day's play will receive a refund of fees less the deposit.


Cancellations - Kriket Vinor

Any cancellation initiated by Kriket Vinor can expect a full refund of fees with the exception of cancellations due to bad weather mentioned above. 

Personal Liability. Players and spectators do so at their own risk. Kriket Vinor does not accept any liability for injuries or damages sustained while playing cricket or spectating.